Gopher State Treasure Hunters


Gopher State Treasure Hunters was formed in 1976 and is the largest Metal Detecting Club in Minnesota. We are dedicated to the enjoyment and advancement of the hobby of metal detecting. We are a group interested in discovering the past, and we believe we should preserve and share our local history through artifacts we may discover.

We have members of all ages, genders and backgrounds from all over the area. Whether you are just starting out, a seasoned detectorist, enjoy metal detecting or are interested in learning more about the hobby, feel free to join us or check us out. Visitors to our membership meetings are always welcome.

Club meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of the month at the Eagles Club in New Brighton at 7 p.m and are open to the public, visitors welcome.

We look forward to welcoming new members into the group and hope to see you there!




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